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Gettin paid 2 tweet/Socialize FREE EZ EXTRA MONEY! & TrappinOnline INTRO


These are a few was to earn some free and easy extra money online…. Cool thang about this is u aint gotta change up much of what u was already doin online especially if u b on twitter and face book a few much less ALOTA hours a day.

PLEASE, PLEASE, BEFORE SIGNIN UP 2 ANY OF MY REFFERALS MAKE SURE THAT U HAVE MORE FOLLOWERS THAN U ARE FOLLOWING. IF NOT, I DON’T RECEIVE MY MONEY FOR MY FREE REFFERRAL. SAME GOES FOR YOU WITH THE PPL U REFER. If needed I provide tips on how 2 take care of that, “switch around” easily and still , keep track of the ppl u  were following if u desire 2 follow em back. Check below for that info AFTER U/THEY sign up, it’s all good u/they can follow those ppl back and it doesn’t matter if u/they’re following grows higher than the following later on...  AND PLEASE MAKE SURE U SIGN UP THRU MY LINKS. SAME RULES APPLY FOR YOUR REFFERALS   *“per click” . (It goes by yak ratio of followers 2 following) Select yak “Categories” of YOU and/or Followers interest.  From these categories you get sponsored offers (click “sponsors”). Then scroll thru and find things that u like and/or that u feel will interest yak followers. Pick one/them and write a post… Some have to be approved others don’t. You will see the details of every offer before u select (Details how much they pay *per click, and the budget they have to spend.) Twitter regulates most of these companies, like say for instance Mylikes users are only allowed ONE twitter add a day. FaceBook doesn’t limit u at all, neither does Myspace.  Now the Daily add post is ONE WAY 2 earn, here the other. Your FREE REFFERRALS! They change up offers sometimes so you gotta check or you can option 2 get an email or something when referral offers earnings change. RIGHT NOW U GET $4.00 for EVERY ONE u refer with over 500 followers. The ratio ALWAYS has to be more followers than following when the initially sign up. You get $10.00$ for every one u refer with 10000 or more followers. [ALSO they always have Give away competitions. Like currently whoever gets the most referrals for this month gets a free Laptop. We USE2 get paid our referrals fees INSTANTLY when someone signs up under are link and EVEN IF they NEVER went back to the site again. Now they got a lil smarter about that. The person u refer must ATLEAST create one Sponsor offer, which shows willingness to participate and then you’re paid for that. That’s fair. I can’t knock em for that. *PAYMENTS* My Likes pays EVERY FRIDAY, as long as yak earnings are over $3.00. If u has a PayPal your earnings will show Saturday morning. If not, you’ll be waiting on a check. [WWW.PAYPAL.COM is FREE 2 sign up. U connect it 2 yak Bank account and or Pre Paid/Credit card and get yak money direct deposited). (Open this link in a new window/ this link brings u 2 a warnin page, but its all good. just click "continue to page" and proceed)  < RevTweets is similar 2 MyLikes, ALMOST the Same instructions/concept as far as the picking yak categories and things.  Twitter allows TWO as day posted from RevTweets (a lil better than Mylikes’s 1). They also *pay per click, for the post made on MYSPACE, in addition to FaceBook (and keep in mind neither of them regulates like twitter (2 a day). These ads have 2 be posted “as is”, and u don’t have 2 get an approval from the sponsors. ALSO the adds Vary per *PerClick rate. For your referrals you make 20% of what the person u refer makes for LIFE/as long as they participate and earn money. PAYMENT RevTweet  allows u 2 select “Withdraw” anytime yak earnings are $20.00 or more. Depending on the day u select 2 withdraw your money shows is yak PayPal that Friday or the next. <*PerClick, they pay *PerTweet. Once again, same concept/instructions for the sign up. Sponsor tweets ONLY works with twitter.  When u sign up they are gonna tell you what *PerTweet rate/value they SUGGEST you should apply or have. You how ever have the option to negotiate your own rate. (Personally I went with the rate they suggested first, then after a while I went higher, and I continue 2 do so, as my “stats” prove my higher value.) And then u gotta wait on Sponsored offers. The shit kind of varies. My first week, I only got 2/3 offers.  My girl @DaylySpecialz   (whom I referred) got like 10 offers. My offers later picked up. Different strokes for different folks I assume. And I think it goes in accordance to your selected categories, what’s popular/what’s not as…When u get an offer u have about 3 days 2either except or decline. Then u have 2 write a “tweet” and send it back 2 the sponsors for approval. When they approve (usually same day, next, or two days tops for me) they will dm/email and let u know its approved then ask for yak “ok 2 tweet it” u click “ok” its tweets shortly your paid. SOME sponsors require allow them 2 “RT” the tweet, once or twice if it under performs (don’t get any clicks on it) PAYMENTS they pay out when yak earning are over $2.00. The catch to this is if ur earnings are 50$ or more then u dont get charged the 2.00$ fee 2 withdraw it, but any earnings 50.00$ or more its no fee. 

  I FINALLY found “Cash” paying survey site. I stumbled across and shortly dabbled in a few ones that offered “points for prizes” and shit like that, but I wrapped those up when I found this one. I Kept accounts with MAYBE 2 of the “points 4 prizes’ so when my time allows, I do them and collect points for the things my kids may like/wanna play with/use/destroy. They also give you $5.00 a referral for each person u refer... u get yak money when they do and complete their first survey.   The catch with them is BEFORE EACH SURVEY offer READ CAREFULLY over the requirements that you MUST fulfill 2 get credited your earnings. When I first   started this I use 2 rush thru, and unintentionally wasn’t fulfilling all of my requirements which cause pay delays and inn some case I didn’t get credit for certain surveys.  This one has a few minor (if u ask me) catches for instance, PAYMENT they pay in increments of $ 50.00, on the 16th and 1rst of every month. If yak Earnings is like, let’s say $75.00 you will only get paid $50.00 and the remainder will get rolled over 2 yak next pay… same if you make $125.00 u will get paid 100… increments of 50.  (I.e. 50/100/150… so on). The other catch with these guys are u get the BIGGER survey offers like the (25$ or more surveys) by having to do some kind of trial period of something. SOME cost small fees others cost NOTHING but require your credit card number for the trial. MOST will not let you use prepaid debt cards. I look at and do it like this if I make 35.00$ off of   a survey that cost me a fee of 7/10$ for a trial, then   I MADE 25.00$ PROFIT from spendin $10.00, betta den the dope game huh??? YES. So I do the trails and I put alarms in my cell 2 remind me 2 cancel by a certain date. Sum cancel themselves long as you don’t option 2 renew, others keep going. I set an alarm for them ALL. Some I keep like my Netflix. My son loves that one.  This one’s a fairly new one for me. I must say “I dig what they they are doin doe”. This one’s GREAT for those of us that wanting 2 not only earn some extra money online but also build a bigger following on twitter. U can start with a$1.00 trial. This one dollar insures that u earn ya $5.00 RESIDUAL income FOR EACH referral. YES “RESIDUAL” u refer them ONCE, they SIGN UP and u make $5.00 per head per month! When u refer someone whom does the 14 day $1.00 trail and then decides 2 stay and upgrade to which will cost them $37.00. As a FREE member (during yak trial period) u earn $5.00 per head referred per month (4 each one). If u become an up graded member, u then earn $10.00 per head per month and you will be on the “Mandatory followers” listing so new members will have 2 follow up or be made 2 fully u automatically when they join as u will be made 2 do 2. PAYMENT they pay EVERY FRIDAY for the week before activity.  I love how they keep track of all yak referrals, the ppl in the 14day trials, the ones that option 2 stay and make u a residual.  ONLY thing I was skeptical about was the “Phishing site Warning” (which on my laptop I get EVERYTIME go 2 Gmail…. The Automation of the site makes it 2 considered Phishing. When u input yak code it randomly followers ppl and  post yak link askin them 2 sign up (IF YOU SELECT THE OPTION 2 DO SO! IT DOESN’T DO THAT BY ITSELF) so I guess that’s STILL considered “Phishing” but that’s cool, it works for me. What I did was my main page “@wasi305slp” I didn’t select that option. I MANUALLY go out and request 10-20 followers a day 2 sign up.  Now my promo accounts (the ones that follow EVERYONE BACK who follows anyway, I USED THAT AUTOMATION option.
Now imma take it upon myself 2 give u sum tips, tools, links that I PERSONALLY USE MYSELF makin ALL OF THE ABOVE “Net Grinds”, a lil easier, more sufficient, and efficient.  Some of the ppl I refer jus use these as “side hustles to make a lil easy extra money”…. OTHERS, (including myself) rock it till the wheels fall off! I make a “job” out of all that shit AND a lil mo that I HAVENT EVEN BEGUN 2 put you up on as of yet. My reason for showin you shit like this cause it’s a GOOD “START!” Great ways for u 2 test the waters and see if this Net Grind/Trappin Online ™ is even something you can/want 2 do, or even are built for! These are all mostly FREE AND EASY. My other ventures COST MORE MONEY, MORE TIME, MORE PATIENTS, PERSISTANCY AND DEDICATION! MOST of u have NO IDEA. The COMMON mistake made by MOST ppl is  thinkin “Get rich quick… workin on line is “easy work” and u get alotta money for doing alotta nothing” WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!! The “convenience” of working online is working from home, with yak kids around, no boss, make yak own hours, break when u want to, overtime when u feel like it” THAT’S ALL! If u just sit in front the CPU bullshittin u will make nothing except MAYBE some lucky money here and there….. 


WWW.TWAITTER.COM    YA “Shop stay open, even yak YOU closed down/out!!

WWW.COTWEET.COM < that’s allows you 2 preset post (set for later) and u can operate MULTIPLE accounts @ da same time. < That’s what I use 2 Shorten and customize my Urls  for instance my Mylikes referral link/invite code (located on the right hand side of yak “Mylikes” page) looked like that before I shortened it and customized it 2    

 MORE TOOLS I USE 2 MAKE MY NET GRIND EASIER n mo efficient SUM have FREE VERSION (which is what I used initially until I mastered how to use em then I up graded them all 2 the UNLIMITED VERSION I’m please with them all!!  < My fav tool/program 2 smash hard on MySpace... chk my stats if u THINK I’m bullshittin! I swear 2 u NONE of that was purchased. Dem numbas is the truth. it’s like the “MySpace friendblaster” but for twitter. I JUS got & started usin this one. I’m still learning a lil sum thin. << one of my FAV tools 2 use wit twitter  < same as the FriendBlaster but for you tube. 2 be honest I don’t do YouTube that much (yet!) so I hardly use this, but the functions are like the MySpace one.  < My fav tool/program 2 smash hard on MySpace... chk my stats if u THINK I’m bullshittin! I swear 2 u NON of that was purchased. Dem numbas is the truth.

BELOW IS MY SITES. All of the above and A LOT mo is on deck via dem sites. Fall thru fuck wit me, and refer me 2 a friend or 2 bout yak boy. (Shit tell em all. Lol);
***GREAT WAY 2 keep track of the ppl u unfollow if u wish 2 follow them back after signin up is make a "list" includin them and then follow em back AFTER u sign up!!**********
*PayPerClick – u get paid  a certain amount for each person that clicks on the link and/or Banner u post.

*PayPerTweet – a flat rate paid for the post/tweet itself

Wanna show me sum appreciation for my services/help PLEASE make a purchase of some GREAT/REAL music which will always be my first fav hustle! Ty! Ty! Ty! LOVE. (copy n paste links below into your browser pls/ty)

Friday, December 4, 2009

GDI Website & PAYDOTCOM /// NetGrindin!

SOOOOOO LOVING THIS! This gives u FREE trail offer 2 test your grounds and NetGrinding capabilities ?(which i DID and passed! NOW IM IN IT for the long haul!) u get ya OWN "ws" [website] domain.. they help us sooooo much! u can build ya own site and/or use the premade templates of ya intetest. This is the oppt 2 make money doing/with something u love and /or have a personl ineterest or jus "business". My sites thru them are and u can check em out! they ALSO give u MANY first hand resources, webinars, tips and tools to get your money flowing right via the Net Grind

PAYDOTCOM is a great way 2 become an affiliate of many great power movers, services and products that YOU can picth 2 others and earn GUD commissions doing so! BOTH FREE & UOGRADED (which is wat i have) available!!